seven life stages of humans..

Human mind has been programmed towards inquisitiveness and exploration. However, our questions are directed more towards the human body rather than the mind or the conciousness. For higher thinking, we need something more than the natural support we get from mother nature. Now that calls for self introspection and self realisation.

Not all humans can evolve to become BUDHA, but we all can strive to think and reach some basic level of our own understanding of mind. In this journey, failure shall also be as rewarding as success itself.

We all should ideally grow to seven levels in life and each of these levels must be attained in a period of seven years. It means, our complete understanding can be attained at the age of 49, beyond which there is very little to know. This, however is easiest said than done coz reaching there may take seven lives, and still we may not attain seven life stages of humans……who knows……

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